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Pastor Emeritus Steven Graham

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Born in Biddeford, Maine in 1949. I grew up in Maine, North Carolina, back to Maine, and then back to North Carolina finally moving to Miami, Florida at the age of nine. Graduated from Miami Central High School, attended Miami Dade Community College with an Associates Degree in Fine Arts.

It was while I was in Community College that I came to faith in Christ. This new faith changed my life and rather continue my education to acquire a degree in art I changed my major to theology and attended Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri after two years I moved to attend Baptist University of America in Hallendale, Florida. Having finished my course of study, I moved to Chicopee, Massachusetts to assist in the planting of a reformed baptist church in 1975. I have remained with this church, Pioneer Valley Baptist Chapel, until the present.

I married my high school sweet heart, Paula, and we were blessed with three children Nate, Stephanie, and Zack. Our children have blessed us with five grandchildren to date. Theologically, I am a reformed baptist holding the London Confession as the sum in short of what I believe the Bible Teaches theologically. We are an independent church, belonging to no denomination, yet we do belong to the Reformed Baptist Network which is an association of churches of like faith and theology with which we cooperate in order to send missionaries and assist in planting new churches throughout the world and America.

Pastor Emeritus Steven Graham
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Pastor Andrew Guidara

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I was raised mostly in Baptist Churches throughout my childhood. Most of my elementary education was spent at Whitinsville Christian School. My mother, who has been a great godly influence to me, sent me to Baptist Village Academy for High School. Despite being sent to Christian Schools, and going to church Sunday after Sunday, I was not close to God. I did not know Him. I was far from Him. I hated Him. I was not yet redeemed.

At seventeen years old, on a hot summer afternoon, for the first time in my life, I felt the great weight of my sin, and was found by Christ. At that moment, and ever since, the Bible made sense to me. The Bible opened my eyes to the truth of God’s creation, my sinful nature, and the power, justice, grace and glory of God.

I have been attending and serving at PVBC since 2009. I love PVBC! It truly is a bright light in a dark world. I earned a B.A. in  Biblical Studies from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA. In 2008-2009 I also studied at Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, PA. I am married to my beautiful wife Gisell and was recently blessed with my little baby girl. I enjoy playing guitar and bass, writing music, cooking, surfing, and riding roller coasters. Without coffee I am not sure I would be alive today. (J/K)

—Pastor Andrew Guidara
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In case of emergency you can call or text Pastor Guidara directly at 413.219.8399

Fran Deschaine - Deacon

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I was raised up most of my life as a Catholic until 1982. That is when I found a more excellent way to live out my life. My wife and I were living in a small apartment when we met our now Pastor. We found out at a friend’s mother’s wake how very knowledgeable he was in scripture. About a year later we were not getting anything out of the Catholic Church spiritually, so we decided to check out Pioneer Valley Baptist Chapel. We had intended to go to other churches. The day we went the Pastor was preaching God’s word. That is when God spoke to my wife and I and that day we gave our hearts to the Lord.

In 1986 our church purchased a new building because our old building was too small. I believe in 1989 I was brought on as a Deacon in training. It was a little later that we had a church split and I was put in charge of treasurer and deacon of my church. I have been treasurer for the past 26 years. It was tough at first because we lost 70% of our members. God has been blessing our Church since then and as long as we continue to do His will in our church we will continue to grow both spiritually and financially.

In His service;
Francis Deschaine
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Mike Boober - Deacon

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I serve as one of the deacons here at Pioneer Valley Baptist Chapel. I have been married to my wife Patricia for 37 years and we have 4 daughters and 4 grandchildren. I became a believer in 1981 when I heard a message preached by Pastor Graham from Romans 5:8. I have served as Sunday School Teacher and was the Youth Director for about 15 years.

I also volunteer as an assistant Program Director at Pinebrook Camp for the past 26 years. At the camp I was working at my full time job. The Lord spoke to me and started a Youth Rally and that has been 21 years. For the last 14 years I have also been a high school official for basketball.

Mike Boober
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Dan Marra - Deacon

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Dan Marra
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Tony Salemi - Deacon

I have been a lifelong attendee of Pioneer Valley Baptist Chapel, being baptized in 2000 and becoming a member in 2011 after I got married. I have always felt called to serve in ministry, growing up dreaming I would become a pastor, then pursuing missionary work at Pine Brook Camp, and finally settling on serving the church on the diaconate. Since 2015 Fran Deschaine has been training me to take over as treasurer, and I am so blessed to serve the Lord in this role. Seeing the church grow in the last few years has been incredible. I am excited to join a group of men who love the church and want to see it continue prospering and spreading the Word of God.

My wife and I have three children, all boys. We love raising them in church and cannot wait to see how the Lord works in their lives as He did in ours.

Tony Salemi
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Joe Smuda - Deacon

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Dave Marra - Deacon

I was born on January 21, 1993 to Daniel and Brenda Marra. I was born and raised in Russell, Massachusetts where I continue to live with my wife, Jenna Marra. Growing up, I was homeschooled throughout my entire grade school education. After graduating, I attended Word of Life Bible Institute in Pottersville, New York. After completing 1 year of Bible education, I moved back home and attended Holyoke Community College where I obtained an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. Since I was a young child, I attended Pioneer Valley Baptist Chapel. I grew up in the church and would call it my second home. When I returned home from Word of Life, I became an official member of the congregation and began leading the youth group along with other members of the church. As a profession, I serve in the field of law enforcement. In the summer of 2019, I will become a Massachusetts State Trooper. This has always been my career goal. I am thankful for all the Lord has blessed me and my family with. I love not only serving my community, but serving the Body of Christ. I have been called to be an example to those in the church and I take this responsibility very seriously.

My wife and I plan to start a family in the coming years, we are excited for what the Lord has planned for us and know all things are according to His will. Some of my hobbies include, anything out doors, going to the movies with my wife, keeping an active lifestyle through fitness, and all things coffee.

David Marra
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